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NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 1/7) (2002)
Submitted by marcin on Mon 07-Oct-2002

English article

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I'd like to write, that I'm not professionally connected with any cellular network or phone company. This NetMonitor guide is based on many different materials and exists thanks to the support of many different people (see Information sources). This is a guide made by user. It may lack description to some functions or contain errors and mistakes (resulting from wrong translation or my ignorance) and some strange expressions. Many questions remain unanswered. Furthermore, this page is still "under construction". Encouraging, isn't it? But that's the (sad) true: Nokia doesn't make appropriate materials available... I can only assure you, that I do my best to make this NetMonitor description as reliable and complete as possible.

In this moment on my homepage you can also find Polish version of this FAQ. English language version was created with help of Michal Jerz - author of excellent page My Communicator:

I'll be very thankful for any help in creating and maintaining this guide - please send me any information (or URLs where I can find it), suggestions and remarks. My FAQ currently concerns Nokia 2110i, 2120, 2140, 2160, 3110, 3210, 3310, 5110, 5130, 5160, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6160, 6185/6188, 6210, 6250, 7110, 8210, 8810, 9110 and 9210 series of phones. If you have NetMonitor enabled in any other model (for example in 2110i, 6090, 8xxx, 9000), please contact me (to let me know about the differences and possible new tests).

Herewith I inform, that I don't bear any responsibility for any damages and other consequences caused by applying following information (you use it on your own responsibility) !

  1. What is it ?
  2. Do I need it ?
  3. Does my phone use more power with NetMonitor enabled ?
  4. How to activate it ?
  5. Which NetMonitor version can be activated in my phone ?
  6. Does NetMonitor activation void warranty ?
  7. NetMonitor menu in my phone has different number than 10. Is it normal ?
  8. NetMonitor menu in my phone has 11 number, hovewer previous position has 9 number. Is it normal ?
  9. How to use it ?
  10. Can I damage my phone ?
  11. Glossary
  12. Description of the individual tests
  13. You can also use a program...
  14. Can I use NetMonitor without SIM card inserted, without PIN number entered or when SIM card is not active ?
  15. How can I disable NetMonitor ?
  16. Do I need to disable NetMonitor before sending my phone to the service ?
  17. Is it possible to re-activate NetMonitor after disabling it ?
  18. Is NetMonitor available in analog Nokia phones ?
  19. Does NetMonitor allow to use phone like broadcast station ?
  20. I don't have all described tests in my phone. Why ? Can I increase their number ?
  21. Does NetMonitor allow to identify place, where is my interlocutor ?
  22. Does NetMonitor allow to identify place, where am I ?
  23. What are NetMonitor codes ?
  24. Is it the truth, that in phones with additional hardware changing frequency band NetMonitor doesn't work correct ?
  25. Where can I find description of FBUS/MBUS protocol and commands connected with NetMonitor ?
  26. I have non existing networks on the list of forbidden networks...
  27. How to check frequency band (900 or 1800 Mhz), where phone work in this moment ?
  28. Can I use DLR-2/DLR-3 cables for activating netmonitor ?
  29. Can I activate netmonitor using Init File Editor (Nokia 9110) ?
  30. Can I force phone to use one frequency band (900 or 1800 Mhz) only ?
  31. How to change settings in tests ?
  32. My phone has very short snandby time - it is possible to see the reason of it ?
  33. Is netmonitor available in English version only ?
  34. Information sources
  35. Additional information
  36. Does using/activating netmonitor cost anything ?
  37. Does using netmonitor is legall ?
  38. Which entries on SIM card are used in netmonitor tests ?
  39. Can I activate netmonitor in 3310 using soft working with 3210 ?
  40. After activating netmonitor/BTS TEST my phone can't find network...
  41. Netmonitor shows different battery capacity than info on it...
  42. NetMonitor in Nokia 6310, 8310,...

1. What is it ?

Net Monitor is just a special mode, which - when activated - shows different information about the network and about phone modules, SIM card, etc. After activation your phone will usually display a new, additional menu containing strange and constantly changing letters and digits. There are no standards here - each phone shows different data and there are different methods of activation (my description concerns NetMonitor mode in Nokia phones - if you have some other phone, you have to go somewhere else). I can even say, that NetMonitor (in some form) can be found in practically each present mobile phone (because it is unprofitable for the producers to make two separate software versions - with and without NetMonitor). Here you can find some URLs to the pages describing activation and/or individual NetMonitor menus in other phones:

Other types: try searching on the links page

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2. Do I need it ?

"Normal" users surely don't need any NetMonitor, because simply most of the data included there can be of any interest and use only for specialists (who can find out almost everything about the network). You also can:

  • feel better and be able to brag that your phone has such a BBIIIIIGGGGGG choice of different options
  • observe different network and phone parameters (I tried to explain their meaning in my description) and find out how cellular network works
  • affect some functions in your phone and sometimes make your life easier (using these new options) - I did my best to point at many useful NetMonitor applications

If you still think, that you don't need it, read other pages concerning Nokia phones.

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3. Does my phone use more power with NetMonitor enabled ?

I'd say: NO. Each phone monitors the network even when there is no NetMonitor menu active.

But why some users say, that they have to charge their batteries more often after enabling NetMonitor? It is easy to explain: they frequently switch from one test to another (some people cannot stop ;-) and do it habitually) and the phone after each key press (by default) turns on the light (and uses much power - see test 23). This can be partially cured by using test 18. Additionally, some tests (for example test 17 or test 19) can put your phone in a state of constant network searching (which drains the battery).

To recap, NetMonitor activation itself doesn't affect power consumption. It can be only changed by some conscious user operations...

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4. How to activate it ?

Older phones (for example, 1610, 2110, 3110, 8110i, 8810 and 9000 series) don't have to have this option. When it's available: I don't know exactly which programs to use (I heard only, that probably version 0.6 of PC-Locals allows to make it in older models) or how to modify EEPROM memory (if you know anything about that, please contact me). In this moment I can send you to:


Phones from DCT3 generation (3210, 33xx, 3410, 51xx, 61xx, 62xx, 7110, 82xx, 9110, 9210, etc.) You can do it in two ways:

  1. by connecting your phone to the computer with a cable (in 3210 it has to be connected inside the casing) and using appropriate software (RECOMMENDED !) working in:


    All above programs work with majority of Nokia phones with letter "S" in middle of codename (for example, 5110, 5130, 5190, 6110, 6130, 6150, 3210 series). With Nokia 7110 (NSE-5) over DAU-9P cable (from Nokia 5xxx/6xxx series phones) worked Pc-Locals and Logo Manager only. In Nokia 9110 (RAE-2) NetMonitor can be enabled with all above programs working with MBUS cable - Logo Manager, Pc-Locals or Nokia Wrench.

    When you want to check codename of your phone, try to use one of these codes: *#0000#, *#9999#, *#3110#, *#3810#, *#5190#, *#6190#, *#8110#, *#837#, *#170602112302# or *#682371158412125# (for more information about phone identification click here). If phone will display something, codename will be written in 3'rd line of screen (it will be something like NSE-1).

  2. by direct changing the contents of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory). This method requires opening your phone and leaves visible traces inside it. I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS METHOD! But if you want to do it:

You can also:

  • ask people from GSM newsgroups to do it for you
  • commission it to some specialized company

I also heard, that in some copies of Nokia 6110 and 5110 phones it is possible to activate NetMonitor by a key combination (by pressing Menu key and typing 10 - this should work even when NetMonitor menu is not visible).

In analog phones using special menu, which allow to programm NAM code (in some models only - like Nokia 2160, 2120, 5160, 6160, 6185 and 6188):

  • use *3001#12345# code (sometimes pressing additionaly Menu is required; some sources write, that you have to write security code instead of 12345) to enter this menu
  • set "Field Test Mode" to "On"/"Enable"
  • restart your phone

or entering Menu 3 3 (according to in Nokia 550) and setting it to "ext. test". Later you should restart phone (?)

Phones from DCT4 generation (3510, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 8310,etc.) seems to have netmonitor in each firmare version (for example, in 6310i, when you try to enter Menu 15, you could see "Shortcut not available", not "Incorrect shortcut"). In this moment it isn't known, how to activate it - Nokia hides it and sell phones with this option separately. It was activated in prototypes of these models given to some magazines to make user tests.

If you don't know how to activate NetMonitor, you better ask some more experienced person to do it for you (you can damage your phone during this operation) !!

I'd like to draw your attention to one detail - in Nokia phones you just activate the monitor and not upload it (it is always in your phone - described methods just reveal it as an additional menu).

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5. Which NetMonitor version can be activated in my phone ?

Each program described in previous point allows you to activate one of two NetMonitor versions:

  1. limited, including tests from 1 to 19 (concerning cellular network only). This version is usually called "Field Test" or "Operator field tests" (or you have to enter 242 code to activate it)
  2. full, also including phone (and sometimes SIM card) tests. It is called "Engineering" (or "R&D field tests") and its activation code is 243.

I recommend you enable full version of NetMonitor - you can always replace it with a limited version (by choosing test 242 in your phone). It doesn't work in reverse direction (you cannot activate full menu from within the phone - it doesn't accept test 243 when limited version is active; of course you can still use methods described in previous point).

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6. Does NetMonitor activation void warranty ?

The method of re-programming EEPROM memory is connected with opening the casing and making modifications in your phone (which leaves many traces, scratches etc. and voids warranty).

However, these problems don't appear (you don't have to be affraid) when using one of the described programs or code (but I can be wrong . there are opinions that this method leaves a trace in phone.s memory, too)...

Of course, before getting phone to service, is better to deactivate NetMonitor. Sometimes, for example, when phone's energy system is damaged, it could be impossible - you can have some problems then (some of people working in service can think, that you broke warranty - it depends on concrete people)..

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7. NetMonitor menu in my phone has different number than 10. Is it normal ?

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 3210NetMonitor menu in Nokia 3310NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110NetMonitor menu in Nokia 6150NetMonitor menu in Nokia 6190NetMonitor menu in Nokia 8210/8250NetMonitor menu in Nokia 8310NetMonitor menu in Nokia 9110NetMonitor menu in Nokia 9210

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 7110
NetMonitor menu in Nokia 6210
NetMonitor menu in Nokia 6310

Of course, Number of NetMonitor menu (called "Net monitor" or "Field Test") is different (depends on firmware version and phone series) in different Nokia phones.

It can be: Menu 7 (Nokia 3110 and 9110), Menu 10 (Nokia 5110, 5130, 6110, 6130), Menu 11 (Nokia 5190 and 3210) or Menu 12 (Nokia 8210 or some 6150). Nokia 3210 also has a completely different icon for this menu, 6250 doesn't have any icon. So, it's normal and don't be affraid.

There is also interesting thing connected with it: in Nokia 8210 icon of phone in netmonitor's menu is DIFFERENT from icons of phones in other menus in this model, but THE SAME to icon in Nokia 8250...

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8. NetMonitor menu in my phone has 11 number, hovewer previous position has 9 number. Is it normal ?

Menu 9 in Nokia 3210Menu 10 in Nokia 3210Menu 11 in Nokia 3210 YES - It's normal. We have such situation in Nokia 3210. "Lost" Menu 10 is reserved for SIM application toolkit and you will see it, when you will have access to them (when your SIM card will have this feature built in - you CAN'T activate it different way).

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9. How to use it ?

GSM/DCS/PCS phones:

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110

After activation you gain access to the new position (called "Net monitor" or "Field Test") in main phone menu.

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110 When you enter this menu, you can type number of the test, which should be displayed (1 to 19 in limited version, higher numbers in full version - Caution! Entering number 241 removes NetMonitor menu and 242 switches it to the limited version - you'll have to use one of the methods described in How to activate it ? to regain access to the full version !). Before number of test you can add "+". Unfortunately, in Nokia 6210/7110 there is one wrong thing here: before entering number of new test you must delete old number using right function key (in other models you can enter it without it).

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110 After pressing OK the chosen test appears on screen (and its number is shown on the top) in place of your network name/operator logo (BTW: in some phones (like Nokia 3310), when you will enable clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, second line (ALS function), test in netmonitor and lock keypad, time will disappear :-)). If you enter incorrect test number, NO TEST appears on screen and the phone returns to the last correctly displayed test. If entered number is greater than 256, 512 or 768, then 256 (or its multiple) is subtracted and resulting menu number is displayed (for example numbers 300 and 556 run test 44). Some test when accessed this way (by typing its number and pressing OK to enter them directly) modify its contents (details are described later, I call this "DIRECT" menu access' - for example, see test 18).

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110You can look at different tests by scrolling them using up/down arrows (don't worry - this method doesn't change any settings in tests) - each key press moves you to the next/previous available test. In some models (for example in 5110) these keys have different functions (like displaying last dialed numbers, opening and scrolling phonebook or changing the volume) - unfortunately they don't work while NetMonitor is on screen:-(. However, you can still adjust volume during a call in Nokia 5xxx/3210/3310/6188/6185/6160/6120 - by pressing and holding (longer than normally - about a second) one of the arrow keys. Interesting fact from 5120 - when enter "+" as test number, previous used test will be displayed and Up/Down keys will function normally.

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110 Help (description) to the current test can be displayed by pressing and holding * key (repeat this to return to test values). However, this shortcut works only in some phones (my explanation to this fact can be found in Description of the individual tests). That's why I've added these help screens using a bold font in most of the tests... If they are currently displayed, entering menu directly doesn't change its settings.

NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110NetMonitor menu in Nokia 5110

You can return to the main screen with name/logo of your network by entering 0 in this menu.

If you enter 0 as a test number and then add a number of a non-existing test (for example 52), your phone will act as when NetMonitor is active (for example up/down arrows can be used to change test number - you can check this in Menu 10). Unfortunately, in this case counters from test 82 don't work. Tests chosen this way appear right after switching the phone on. You can use this feature to:

  • temporarily "damage" your phone (to cheat your friend?)
  • block access to your phonebook (Nokia 5xxx and 6xxx)
  • prevent viewing your last dialed numbers list on the main screen with network logo/name (Nokia 5xxx)
  • make it difficult to change volume during a call (Nokia 5xxx) - the arrow keys must be pressed and hold longer than normally
  • make it impossible to change volume (Nokia 3110)

With any test on screen (in phones other than Nokia 3110), your phone doesn't display some of the messages (for example. "...calling") and there is no calling party identification recognition (the only exception to the rule is a message: 'Note: you have active diverts'). When you type a phone number the test screen disappears (it will come back after you get connected or when you cancel this number from your display).

Remember: your phone is like computer. If you won't disable it and enable (only then it saves all values in EEPROM), it can lost values from tests (for example, info about number of sent/received SMS from test 64, when you will use tips above...

There is one firmware bug connected with using helps (descriptions) to the tests (in this moment, it's confirmed for Nokia 5110, 3210, 3310). If you want to see it:

Menu monitora w Nokii 5110Menu monitora w Nokii 5110Menu monitora w Nokii 5110Menu monitora w Nokii 5110Menu monitora w Nokii 5110
  • Press and keep * key. In a moment, when * desappear from the screen (but before moment, when test values will be replaced with help or help with test values), let * key.
  • Now you must do everything fast - * can't be written on the screen and text below NaviKey can't change: instantly press * for a moment and let it. You can repeat this point - effects will depend on repeat numbers. For example, with firmware 5.07 (or 5.11) and 0 repeats you will have access to first "hidden menu", with 1 repeat you phone hangs and turn off (see test 36 - it can be interesting), with 2 repeats it changes language ;-)), with 3 you can enter to another "hidden menu", sometimes (I don't know exactly, when) you can see "CONTACT SERVICE" message (restart you phone and everything will be OK). With firmware 5.24 result are different: with 0 repeats you can enter second "hidden menu", with 1 or 2 repeats desappear NaviKey description, with 3 its description changes to "Send".
  • wait longer moment
  • press for a moment and let one of the keys: *, 0 to 9 or #

You can restart your Nokia 5110, if it has older firmware (it doesn't work with 5.24, but with 5.07 and 5.11 works):

  • Press and keep * key. In a moment, when * desappear from the screen (but before moment, when test values will be replaced with help or help with test values), let * key.
  • Now you must do everything fast - * can't be written on the screen and text below NaviKey can't change: instantly press * for a moment and let it, instantly press * for longer time (2 sec. or longer) and let, instantly press * for a moment and let it

The reason of it is stack overflow (see test 35 and test 57). If it doesn't work with your phone and you have Nokia 6110, you can also use another trick to reboot phone:

  1. Go to the Calendar (Menu-8)
  2. Make a note or reminder.
  3. Enter some text into the edit box.
  4. Hold "Clear" until the whole text is cleared, then press "Back".
  5. Press "0". The main screen will now be showing but a space appears on the screen. (you can't see it)
  6. Enter 4 digits (e.g. 1234).
  7. Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the left side of the numbers and the space (Down arrow twice).
  8. Now enter 6 digits and press the call button.

TDMA 800/TDMA 1900 phones:

After activation you gain access to the new position (called "Field Test") in main phone menu.

When you enter this menu, you can type number of the test, which should be displayed (1-7 in Nokia 6160) or enter 0 to disable it.

You can look at different tests by scrolling them using up/down arrows. During voice calls, depending on how NetMonitor was entered, the arrow keys may switch tests (you can't change volume then) or adjust volume.

If the keypad is locked while a NetMonitor tests are active, pressing 0-9, *, or # will toggle the screen back to the User Interface Display. Pressing Talk, End, the arrow keys, or the soft menu keys will return the test.

In Nokia 2120 or 2160 you can also display description (help) to displayed tests by pressing and holding "ABC" key.

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10. Can I damage my phone ?

Probably only during NetMonitor activation (especially in phones with NAM programming menu) or in Nokia 6210 or 3210 (more in description for test 17).

I've never heard of such accident (my own strange and hard attempts :-) failed, too) during using it in different phones. But of course you should be careful - netmonitor is "unofficial" part of phone's firmware.

If something doesn't work correctly, switch the phone off and then back on - all tests, you can set (excluding test 17), should be set to their default values...

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