Instant Flow Max reorganization
Submitted by marcin on Sun 28-Mar-2010

English blog

As you probably know, I'm hosting some content (articles, materials, etc.) on the Some time ago I have decided, that it's not updated from longer time and additionally MediaWiki is not developed too much. I have decided to make some reorganization:

  1. moving all non-GSM content to the (this page)
  2. moving some GSM content to the and some to the (like blog entries)
  3. making redirection to the

Point 1 almost done, point 2 partially done, 3 will be done soon ( will be available in the provider's domain up to the moment when payed period will end)

In near future I will maybe reactivate Gammu+ or join Gammu again. I have in plans some sync engine for smartphones (as alternative). We will see...

Any comments ?