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Report 2006-01-22
Submitted by marcin on Sun 22-Jan-2006

English blog

Content moved from blog

I started to be more modern and started using Wiki for various tasks. Some words about my current work and plans (something like Weekly Newsletter for ReactOS):

  1. Wiki on is now splitted into NameSpaces:
    • Gammu for Gammu family projects
    • GPlus for Gammu+ family projects
    • HydePark for various cellular related texts. It will replace HydePark section created in December 2005. I started moving RoadMap 2006 into Wiki. It's almost end (all links will be added during few days).
    • Phones for various phone compatibility reports and texts. I will add easy creating links inside from phone database.
    • additionaly in main NameSpace I will put various Reports about past, present and future for and software. I hope, that Michal Čihař and other people will use it too.
    • more NameSpaces will be added on request
  2. there are still some things ToDo with current wiki:
    • creating real section about configuring Gammu (some texts about connection parameters) from main NameSpace texts and other
    • moving all Gammu documents from main NameSpace into Gammu NameSpace
    • moving Gammu man page content into other Gammu NameSpace documents and removing it
    • moving some Gammu FAQ parts into other Gammu NameSpace documents
    • cleaning content and rechecking links
    • compacting DB
  3. other work:
    • removing some grammar mistakes
    • moving Michal Čihař's phone db into phone database. Users will be able to report compatibility in "old" style + add comments into this wiki.
    • making speeches about future with donors. There is big hope for better connection/server after April. Current work rather OK, but I need to make backup copies from DB and pages personally.
  4. I hoped to release new test Gammu during this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time and this week will be very hard for me. I will try to make release then, but don't promise it in 100%. But don't worry - after 27.01 I will be almost free (or at least I hope it). It was calculated into my plans - ending some past projects and make few new releases in January and February.

I hope, that:

  1. other people will help especially with point 2 and cleaning this wiki.
  2. there will created good documentation for Wammu too

And 3 additional notes:

  1. if this new wiki will be OK for everybody and I will not receive any reports during week (for example, that something is missed), I will finally remove old wiki's (they're hidden, but available).
  2. current wiki allows for adding users (since December 2005 it was blocked by accident for old wiki's)
  3. wiki can be used as bug report tool, newsgroup server and other...