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Report 2007-12-01
Submitted by marcin on Sat 01-Dec-2007

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  • I have put Gammu+ 0.37.30 into my download directory. It contains one important feature - enter gpl directory and execute gpl script. Source will be patches and you will have full Bluez support. I have played today with Debian and had bluephonet/bluerfphonet without any problems. It means - you can use Gammu+ in Linux with BT and irda, cable connection soon ;-) It you think, that some features should be prepared first in command line version, please let me know.
  • I have started with writing page about Vista problems. if you want to help me with this, please do it
  • Have you read about OSS financial issues ? If not, please read and remember, that Gammu/Gammu+ has similiar problems...

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