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Sobieski on GitHub (2019)
Submitted by marcin on Mon 11-Nov-2019

English blog

Sobieski is CMS (Content Management System) using just PHP (no database) for displaying HTML content from UTF-8 text files and offering

  • sorting by visits / date
  • taxonomies (key words assigned to concrete articles)
  • filtering HTML (you can select, which tags are allowed in content)
  • visits counter (feature requires SQLite)
  • mobile version
  • dark mode
  • redirections
  • menu with Top 10, history (pages from concrete months) & taxonomy terms
  • teasers (summary of article in the page list) different than content
  • comments (currently only viewing, no adding or editing)
  • tools for migrating from Drupal (Pushbutton) and checking if content has got dead links

and much more.


  • extremly small and fast
  • easy to understand and very portable (no database)
  • flexible
  • JavaScript is used only for marking internal links (you can treat it as optional feature)
  • cookies are used only for marking if mobile version and dark theme are on

Current theme is similar to Pushbutton from Drupal.