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Report 2007-03-26
Submitted by marcin on Tue 27-Mar-2007

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Gammu+ 0.22.00 available. Released, because diff file was too big ;-) Among various bugfixes and improvements I would like to notify especially, that during restoring software inform, what from pbk wasn't restored and why.

I must say, that it's near such point, that I have everything for personal usage. For quite new phones you have:

  • pbk support (excluding caller groups, ringtones, sms lists, voice tags and few other, which are IDs for some phone memory places, everything is like in Gammu 1.09.00 or even better)
  • calendar support (everything like in Gammu 1.09.00)
  • backup for notes, todo (I will do restore for 0.23.00 and it will be like in Gammu 1.09.00)
  • getting, sending SMS (I will add linking SMS in editor in 0.23.00; I don't need saving SMS to phone memory, SM and bell & whistles)
  • getting MMS (working much better than in Gammu)
  • filesystem support (I will add few minor things and it will be much better than in Gammu)
  • Java uploading (almost so good like in Gammu)

Do you want something more ? Editing from GUI ? XML ? Please write me. Maybe it doesn't have sense at all and I should end on this point. What do you think ?

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