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Report 2007-03-18
Submitted by marcin on Sun 18-Mar-2007

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My diff file for Gammu+ became too big and I decided to release 0.21.00 faster (it doesn't have some planned things).

Few notes about this and other issues (random):

  • I'm almost happy from pbk/calendar/todo/notes quality and I almost switched my personal backups/restores from Gammu to Gammu+. This is not beta, but rather Release Candidate (when we compare to commercial packages).
  • I updated Gammu+ section and you see some more developer and user docs. In other words: see, how does it look and what profits it can give to you...
  • I will have to work on extending Gammu/Gammu+ pbk/calendar support now - for example I have to find, that ToDo (method 2) have alarms in the future, not in the past...
  • Michal was speaking few times about wrong Gammu/Gammu+ structure (that it doesn't have stable ABI, etc. etc. etc.). And we had on Gammu list info from user, that SMS support had bugs for 6233 and Gammu. The fix was quite simple (at least should be) and could be done by moving few functions (or even lines) from one project to second. It was too difficult. IMHO, there could be two possibilities: source is really weakly commented (but please note, that I preffer writing more functions than write comments to EACH source line) or user didn't have technical knowledge (and I don't want to laught on it now). And now final questions:
    • I have learned many years and got knowledge. Currently I'm giving my work for free (although some people write clear - you're stupid, that you're making it). What what I have ? Even no good word... I proposed 5 Euro donations (it's probably BigMac price in some countries and it's funny sum there), I can do bounties (writing features for money)... and nothing since longer time. What do I write it again and again ? Because I still see, that some people try to show, that I should give them much more (than now) for free... And because I'm not doing it, I'm simply stupid...
    • I was speaking, that changing Gammu in some areas need too many changes... Now we see first visible signs of it (SMS support for Series 40 3.0 contains in Gammu much more limits - I knew it year ago, users will probably find soon)...
  • Although previous point wasn't very optimistic, I will work on Gammu+. Nokia refused to help, but I want to have small tool for pendrive. Nobody wanted to speak about it with me. Because of it I will do what I want for 0.22.00 :-)
  • Michal was editing Wiki last time. I'm asking my self - why did he prefer adding links to his pages directly than to sections ? Does it really mean, that now idea is totally dead ? Please note, that I was speaking with him, that we could have ftp and some other features. And what ? No answer...
  • When you will into Gammu now, you will see, that some things unknown for me were done (that's good). But some - like gettext and deleting real editing time from files are IMHO nightmare...
  • gmane admin didn't answer on my emails. So, we will have mess for now there...
  • I was speaking about wiki upgrade. not done yet, maybe in end of March.

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