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Report 2006-04-04
Submitted by marcin on Wed 05-Apr-2006

English blog

Content moved from blog

In March there was domain lost and Italy server not bought for next year.

I started to search new place for this www. It's located now on provider server. I payed for one month - if there won't be problems with hosting, I will continue it.

The biggest problem was with moving this Wiki. In old place database was using latin1 to UTF8 conversion, in new it doesn't work. I had to convert database to real UTF8:

  • I imported database dump to my home MySQL installation
  • I exported single tables to file using written PHP script - it was:
    1. making SQL select
    2. replacing "\" to "\\", chr(10) to "\n", apostrophe to double apostrophe (inside results)
    3. displaying text of SQL commands creating table content.

    The trick was, that Opera 8.5x was required to display it (FireFox made problems) and conversion to real UTF8 was done by browser

  • I imported files into database

Anyway, it looks to work. headers will be visible on each wiki page after it editing.

I moved almost all services. I hope to run new soon.

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