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Report 2006-04-29
Submitted by marcin on Sun 30-Apr-2006

English blog

Content moved from blog

Long weekend in Poland, a lot of time... I have finally found time to play with and software.

First few words about site:

  • it's partially reorganized according to my vision. I have see also some efforts from other people about entering new content into wiki. This is good.
  • please remove all cache from you www browser. Earlier each wiki page was reloaded after change, now it should be done once a day. Bigger site transfer (which can make probles in the future), but required because of displaying latest versions of software on the top.

If you have any problems with new site, please let me know.

About software:

  • there is started making Delphi support for Gammu+. It should be available in 0.0.6 with end SMS.

Instant Flow Max