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Report 2006-07-03
Submitted by marcin on Tue 04-Jul-2006

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Another report, where are some private and project things...

Well, sometimes I ask myself - why good projects and things have always problems and are replaced by worse ? Few examples: was suspended for long time, AIDA32 was replaced by Everest and now is dead, MBM is dead, my favorite computer magazine Chip is almost dead (after good Enter and Bajtek). I don't see any big new source from Michal Cihar since long time too... Even Tomek Motylewski doesn't write since long time... I have new neighbours too (the most important - I don't know them)... Additionally there are equal and more equal people - see latest words from Bill Gates "Stolen's a strong word. It's copyrighted content that the owner wasn't paid for". When you see/read about it, it's sometimes very distressing experience. But I don't give up and will still try to make what I make...

  • I haven't received any reports about problems with connecting to current server. Because of it I payed it up to September
  • As probably some of you have seen, there are filled and formatted some last places moved from "old" (like licenses). It starts to be place now, where materials are put a little bit logically.
  • Gammu - I will have much more time and will want to end Symbian (I can say, that I have holidays now and free time). Clean my mailbox and bug tracker issues. What next ? I'm not sure... Maybe I will code more Gammu+, maybe will go into Motorola, maybe will add receiving MMS by SMSD. Everything depends on possible sponsors and needs... What I know is, that I will want to make (simply for fun) more options in phones database
  • during this week I will try send emails again to Gmane admins. It would nice to have cleaned archives things...

Generally I would like to have new test Gammu version during this week (3-9 July) and new stable version in July.