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Report 2006-10-23
Submitted by marcin on Tue 24-Oct-2006

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Many personal notes and joined with it notes about development...

  • new Gammu+ (for example SMS support for Series 40 3.0 phones) available. I planned it few days earlier, but... The same I planned new test Gammu in previous week, but still want to make some things with it...Please give me day or two (definitely I should make everything during this week)...
  • some good news are, that I have already latest Mandriva. It's time for bluetoothing (over dbus) and some other ;-)
  • I have to do few things: update to 1.8.x version Wiki, update Mantis, work on Phones database... Cleaning done already...
  • Gammu+ vice Gammu. Are they required ? Why there are two projects managed ? I will repeat some things - well, Gammu is available now and it has real sence to fix and extend it. I agree, that some things won't be probably added here - it would need rewriting majority. Because of it there is "B" plan - Gammu+. For some of you can look like preschooler work... But it's much better than Gammu. I know, that maybe nobody will remember about them in 2016 year, but...for now I work on them.
  • Gammu+. There are few areas: Bluetooth/cables for Linux, high level API for SMS (for linked SMS and similiar), ending all phonebook and filesystem features. And we will be able to say: it has filesystem, SMS, calendar, phonebook... When will have Nokia core, I will definitely think about AT and other. So, we will have story again ;-)
  • Will gnapplet always be required to connect to symbian phones? Well, in fact I have never liked them. First were slow, horrible slow and were sending SMS written with T9 in Unicode. Later I had one, but it had bug - with lower screen brightness was making "bzzzzz". Now I'm really thinking about Nokia 5500. It's the only one, which is not brick and it's a little less expensive. But this is thinking only. Currently I don't have any constant money. I have started selling some personal things in Allegro (something like EBay). In previous report I was speaking about Vista/Nokia 6233 (I believe, that they could help much more in short time) and probably it will be first before 5500. Of course, I don't say, that I will not have Symbian device and I will not think about native (non gnapplet) support... But rather not in this month - I don't have few thousands Euro salaries, two companies didn't pay me for work (one - for work in previous/this year, one for work in July), nobody want to help me in some things. Sorry.
  • PayPal. I would like to thank Tomek Motylewski for help. PayPal has got full functionality in Poland now and Tomek returned me my "" address. It means - if somebody will use PayPal to send money to this address, money will go directly to me. I have done test transfer and it works, withdrawing to bank account is OK too...
  • Google. I'm thinking about adding AdSence to and maybe later to What do you think about it ? I see, that I don't have too big financial luck. People have success in bagging for crazy things (for example they sell "pixels" or want to pay for credit cards shoppings), but I don't have idea now...