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Report 2006-11-20
Submitted by marcin on Mon 20-Nov-2006

English blog

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Again, some ''blog'' and some project related things.


Gammu 1.08.25 - mainly Michal's work, a lot of stuff for SE devices and OBEX, it must be tested & bugs removed now. I hope, that you will give a lot of feedback to Michal. There some other fixes too...

In Michal's code I had to remove strndup (replaced with malloc + memcpy) and make shorter file names (to 8+3)


I have end some personal things without big success, there were some looses too (I was cheated in some issues). I have some still unfinished things because of it. I won't have Vista from MS too (was given to some betatesters).

Good info is, that I started real writing my diploma work. My attack plan is - writing big parts of theory in November and December. I won't make real company work (outside home) then. My main question is: "how cheap is it possible live for ?" ;-). It doesn't affect my GSM work however - there is some progress visible.