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Report 2006-11-28
Submitted by marcin on Tue 28-Nov-2006

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I was asking myself - what is future of "my" projects ? Does anyone need them ?

How did it end ?

I was playing today with Turbo C++ from Borland. After about 1 and half hour I had compiled Gammu+ with primitive GUI able to get root folders from phone filesystem. If everything will go fine, I will be able to publish it somewhere in next week (with all main filesystem issues like navigating, uploading/download, etc.).

I quess, it can be put as part of some vision:

  • Gammu will be upgraded (mainly fixes, but I will try to add not only them), I'm not sure only, if it has sence to play with old DLL exports to Delphi
  • Gammu+ will have end filesystem (there are still minor issues to fix), phonebook and will cover 4 main things (SMS, pbk, calendar, filesystem)
  • there will be written GUI (THIS GUI) to Gammu+. It won't be too nice in first versions, but will have at least command line functionality

You can expect support Series 40 phones. This is clear like sun.

What next ? I must think. I'm very close to big unknown time...

generally I will have three main things now - writing diploma work, passing my current semester, (probably) making course for my (possible) future work. It's all up to June. I can't work too much, but I will have to make some things - do you have some nice job todo ? the best something connected with Gammu ? what could be done during nights ? I ask, because I still don't have money from my previous holiday practices (I guess, I will never have them), I don't have payed for one article...and some other...

In June I will have probably (I hope) ending studies. and then start really unknown time... if I will have good job, it's OK and projects will be extended. If not, there will be problem.

From the second hand: there is a lot of time to June. Even Gammu is already enough for many people. So, maybe I will have for example money for Vista / will buy some smartphone and will explore new issues...and start something really different. Who know ?