Report 2006-12-03
Submitted by marcin on Sun 03-Dec-2006

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Well, in previous week I was playing with Borland Turbo C++, during weekend I found some alternative and enough solutions with wxWidgets and wxDev-C++.

I have some first results (see screenshot). File with it uploaded to - because it's primitive, you have to edit manually config file, later run exe file. Only displaying folders content is supported now.

What next ?

Because I don't have money (even for own things), I will work slowly. I hope to make some filesystem functions to end of incoming week, maybe will publish source code.

I don't know, how about next test Gammu (without "+") in incoming week - I will probably only collect patches and release tarball with them (without new big functions).

I know, I write about these chaotic... But I'm tired.

If you want to help, please at least try to set and run on Win 95/Win 98/Win 2000/Win XP with various themes/Win 2003/Win Vista. Let me know results. THX

BTW, what with other OS than win32 ? I asked people to help me in Linux and there was silence. Shame. I will maybe sit and make Gammu+ fully compatible with it (maybe GUI too) during last December week. But there is still problem with Mac. Please don't expect it from me - I don't have it.