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Report 2006-12-06
Submitted by marcin on Wed 06-Dec-2006

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I would like to make to kind of summary...and write about nearest time. I had started/created three families: MyGnokii, Gammu, Gammu+

Project family Phones Used languages Things abandomed in next projects Some supported compilers
MyGnokii Nokia (DCT3), AT C language, GTK ? (XGnokii), Delphi (some simple GUI) some Smart Messaging features (like menus) gcc 2.x - 3.x, ms vc++ 6, delphi 6-7
Gammu + Wammu Nokia (DCT3, DCT4/Series 40, initial Series 60), AT, OBEX, SE, Alcatel, Siemens C language, Delphi (some examples), wxPython gcc 3.x-4.x, ms vc++ 6 - 2005, delphi 7, Borland C++ 6, djgpp
Gammu+ Nokia (DCT3, DCT4/Series 40) C++ language, wxWidgets, some examples in C language, example in Borland C++ Turbo ms vc 2005 (NO ms vc 2003 and earlier !), gcc 3.x-4.x

Generally you can do what you want with many phones. What can you expect from me in nearest time ?

Today I have updated binaries (win32 versions) for Gammu and Gammu+. First in inside (console is compiled with debug), second inside (it includes console and GUI and replaces all old builds - please remove them from mirrors). I added new article (Polish language) -

During weekend I will collect patches for test Gammu and release new tarball on Sunday. We will have 10 December.

Up to end of December I hope to have one test Gammu and big progress in Gammu+ GUI (it already has filesystem browsing, getting phonebook memories including call lists, I hope to have getting SMS, calendar, todo, notes, mms, maybe will start with setting something). I say - I hope, because it's possible, that I will write diploma work only.

In January please don't expect anything.

I don't have concrete plans for February and later. I know - I can pay for for next few months, without work I will have to close it later.

You can have help me with patches (for example BT/irda/cable drivers for Linux and MacOS for Gammu+ could be really nice gift), testing and thousands of other things. It will motivate me to work on these projects. I'm afraid especially on compatibility Gammu+ GUI with MS Vista.

I don't know, what do you think about this future. Maybe it would good to start discusion on this page (after for example line separator) or mailing list ? Some main questions:

  • what do you think about writing two family of projects ?
  • what features are really required, but not available ?